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The Best RPAS Consultancy in Canada

Building complete RPAS programs for Canadian large enterprises and government since 2013.


Drone training and systems that are easy and fun. We make it fast and easy for your team to get out into the field with their drone to focus on their job, not on onerous drone planning.


You are a serious company that always puts safety first. Keep your crew and your company’s reputation safe by training drone pilots to make the safest decisions and to operate with confidence.


Why spend money on creating a drone program if there isn’t sufficient return on investment? We make sure that your team is productive with their drones and your investment pays off ink increased safety, efficiency, and productivity.

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Why We’re the Best

Why would you go with Pivotal UXS over any other?

  1. 1

    We don’t mess around with public training and consumer services. We focus only on customized programs to fit your exact needs. Every organization is different, so no drone program fits all, at least if you are serious.

  2. 2

    We have been compliant to the Transport Canada TP15263 standard since it was created. We, in fact, we were part of creating that standard.

    For years we have been making organizations around Canada compliant with those standards and with the ever evolving RPAS standards and laws around the world.

  3. 3
    Highly Integrated

    Good thing we get along. We are going to work together a lot. We integrate ourselves into your operations to ensure we fully understand what makes your company tick and how your culture works.

  4. 4

    We don’t train and run like so many others. We are here to stay and we will be monitoring you and your team to ensure that the program is working. It is in our best interest to make sure that what we did for you was the right solution and was a solution that will last.

  5. 5

    We setup a support arrangement with you to make sure that you have an expert on standby to show up when you need advise or rescuing.

Our Work Process



We interview your potential pilots and management to discover how drones can benefit your organization. We perform demonstrations and experiment on the best way to achieve the results you need



We build a drone program including process, procedure, documentation, and real world demonstrations. Our focus is fast, easy, safe, and compliant. This build is completely custom to your organization



We train your team to regulatory requirements and the standards of your own drone program. The end result is always safe, confident, and productive drone pilots. All training can be done remotely or in person.



We will monitor your group’s first flights in the real world and ensure that they are upholding the program standards. We will perform periodic audits and assessments to keep the program and pilots current and compliant.

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