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About Us

Our Services

We do a lot at Pivotal UXS and everything we do is custom and consultative.

  1. Training

    The top training in Canada is here. We have accumulated drone training experience and materials over many years and with the feedback and input of thousands of clients.

  2. Program Development

    Create an entire drone program in your company or organization with demonstrations, experimentation, process, procedure, checklists, and all training to integrate the program into your team’s operations.

  3. Assessments

    So you have drones and drone pilots. Are your pilots and systems safe, legal, following your procedures and safety systems? Do your drone operations bog down your team with onerous planning? We will come assess your operation to make sure that it is simple, safe, compliant, and productive.

Our Vision

At Pivotal UXS we believe that businesses around the world should be able to add drones as a tool for productivity and improvement. We know that creating a drone program can seem daunting and complex, and we are here to change that.

We create simple and effective drone solutions that scale across major international corporations with great ease, consistency, a high ROI, and productivity. Drones are tools to do your job better, not to make your job bigger.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Paul Bennett
Consultant and Trainer
A pioneer and leader in the RPAS industry, Paul has done nothing but drones since the industry started.
356Drone Programs Built
6400Drone Pilots Trained
29Years of Experience
432Drone Courses Taught

Brief History of Our Company


We built our first RPAS. It was primitive and loud, but it worked.


We started building custom technology solutions into large enterprises in the USA and Canada.


We start using single rotor RPAS systems to create aerial imagery for industrial clients.


RPAS technology is now good enough to build practical solutions for our tech clients. First commercial RPAS system is deployed in British Columbia.


Our first drone training classes are provided to our industrial clients so they can enjoy the convenience of using their own crews


We become the preferred training organizations for federal and provincial governments across Canada


What Our Clients Are Saying