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Why All UAV Operators Need a COM

What is a COM? COM stands for Company Operations Manual.  It is a document containing everything from organizational hierarchy charts to recharging procedures to airspace coordination requirements and training procedures. Do I need one? COMs are a standard in commercial aviation and are currently one of the requirements to be a Compliant Operator.  As regulations […]

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6 keys to being successful as a drone company

Reviewing my records from the last few years, I have been looking at the long list of drone operators that have started up in Canada, many assisted by me or my company Aerobotika. As I looked at their names and thought about their enthusiasm and dreams and where they ended up, I examined those that have become really successful […]

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7 steps to start a drone company in Canada

Far too often I have customers sending links to drone service company websites that have advertising and content that make me cringe. We mostly see what will eventually become evidence for Transport Canada to shut them down or fine them. We see them post half-truths about regulation and downright moronic claims that they are operating safely […]

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