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Transponders and Drones

What is a transponder? A transponder is a device installed in a manned aircraft that responds with a code when it receives a radio request from air traffic control’s systems. This code is used to help air traffic control identify what aircraft are nearby and where they are. Modes Transponders have modes that do slightly […]

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Wake Turbulence

Another subject that was not previously in our training materials but that our clients have noted is appearing in the Transport Canada exams is helicopter wake turbulence. As with any aircraft, a helicopter creates a wake in the air similar to what a boat creates in the water. If you have ever been in a […]

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Airport Aprons

Recently we have found that there are a ridiculous number of questions in the Canadian RPAS exams around what to do at airports (not specifically RPAS). This is an article about only one of those sub-areas of information about airport operations. In this article, as with any article that is meant to help answer exam […]

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What is class G airspace?

Drone regulation state that you must have an advanced level permit in order to fly in any airspace other than class G. The problem that we are seeing is that most people don’t know! Here is a quick explanation of what class G airspace is. Class G airspace is all airspace that is not another […]

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