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This post post is all about fronts. It is a great tool to prepare for a lot of the questions on the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS exam. What is a front? A front is a zone of transition between two air masses. The zone, or front, can vary in size from very small to very […]

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Fog and Mist

What is the difference between mist and fog? Fog and mist differ only by how well you can see through them. What you see is fog if you have less than 1 KM visibility and mist if you can see more than 1 KM. Surface Layer Type Visibility Fog < 1KM Mist > 1KM How […]

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Whiteout is a weather condition that causes disorientation and low visibility by snow, overcast cloud and fog. Basically, the whiteout in aviation occurs when the pilots cannot see the visible horizon because of the terrain covered with snow in the white sky. Also, blowing snow may lead to the whiteout due to reduced visibility. Imagine, […]

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Veering and Backing Winds

Backing and veering are just a change in wind direction. These changes, as with most wind changes, are usually a result of pressure changes or fronts and air masses moving and pushing air around. Veering Winds A veering wind is a wind that changes direction clockwise, thus veering to the right such as turning from […]

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