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Pivotal UXS open during covid-19 pandemic

It breaks our hearts to see what is happening to the world, to see the suffering, and to see billions of lives disrupted. We hope and trust that our valued clients and their loved ones are safe and healthy and we are here working diligently to do anything we can.

Though the pandemic has brought the world’s commerce to it’s knees, Pivotal UXS remains open and functioning at 80%. We are still working, running meetings, running projects, and doing online training with our clients.

If you find that you have had to send your staff home and they aren’t able to make the best of their time in isolation, lockdown, or quarantine, we are here to help make their time at home more interesting by getting them ready to pass their drone pilot exam and get flying when they can come back to work.

Pivotal UXS has training ready to go for your team at discounted rates so that we can all keep busy and productive while we do our parts as citizens of the world to beat this virus.

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Please stay safe, be smart, and be mindful.

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