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Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Mining

Remotely piloted aircraft (typically called UAV or UAS) are a perfect solution to many problems in mining. While aerial services might be a tiny fraction of a mine’s operating budget, every dollar counts in today’s economy. Due to the smaller more cost effective aircraft, mining companies are able to make use of our aircraft to capture data and images more frequently than budgets would allow with more traditional means.

Besides saving money on aerial services that are already being used in a mine, these small and inexpensive aircraft can be used in many ways that the size and abilities of manned aircraft do not allow. Inspections, air sampling, and flights with high frequency or in dull, dirty, and dangerous situations.

Aerobotika mining services can provide a variety of high quality useful business data. A typical mining mission will collect data with two sensors on the aircraft. A high resolution aerial imaging camera is flown for general aerial still photos and photogrammetry. A FLIR infrared camera is often used to collect various thermal data on the mine operations, the temperatures of the pitt, temperatures of machinery, and the state of the electrical grid.

AAI isn’t new to mining. Co-founder Paul Bennett worked for years as a technology integrator for one of the world’s largest mining companies and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge about mining and mine information systems. Another team member at AAI is a former Vice President of a large mining company and provides AAI with industry guidance, while helping Aerobotika develop new products and platforms to provide better data to the industry.

To talk to AAI’s mining operations and development team, please contact us at info@aerobotika.com or contact us here

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