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ROC-A Study Resources

The ROC-A is not currently required in order to fly drones in Canada as a Basic or Advanced pilot of drones under 25KG flown within visual line of sight. The Transport Canada exams for the Basic and Advanced pilot permits do, however, have several questions that are based on the ROC-A knowledge requirements.

This page contains all of the Aerobotika student and public resources for studying the Restricted (Radio) Operator Certificate. These resources are provided here for convenience, none of them are authored by Aerobotika.

If you want to attend a ROC-A class either online or in person, please see the training section of this website.

RIC-21 – Study Guide

This guide is provided by Industry Canada as a study source to pass the ROC-A exam. We recommend reading over it to prepare for the exam.

VFR Phraseology

This is an excellent guide to help you understand how manned aircraft pilots really use the radio when flying. It contains many scenarios that are common and presents them in an easy to understand practical way.

Pilot Yellow’s Radio Work Video

Aviation Youtuber Mischa Gelb has a lot of great content, and particularly useful for passing the radio exam is his video about how to use the radio in a real world situation around Abbotsford airport.

Live ATC

Nothing helps you understand how to use radio and how not to use radio by listening to your favorite airport on LiveATC. This site has live feeds from airports around the world so you can listen in on conversations happening between ATC and aircraft flying in and out of their airspace.


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