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This post post is all about fronts. It is a great tool to prepare for a lot of the questions on the Transport Canada Advanced RPAS exam. What is a front? A front is a zone of transition between two air masses. The zone, or front, can vary in size from very small to very […]

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UAV in Public Safety

I was following the story of the toddler who went missing in Manitoba and how the RCMP used surveillance drones to map out the search area and look for clues. This story prompted me to look into the significant role UAV can play in such scenarios in Canada. I thought our readers might find the […]


5 benefits of UAV in agriculture

UAV have been in use in agriculture for a few years now, and more and more farms in countries such as Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Argentina are integrating UAV into their operations. According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), agriculture is expected to account for about 80% of all commercial UAV and is […]


Why all surveyors need drones

Every day, more and more surveyors are realizing that UAVs are a perfect complement to their work. Though a worthwhile and interesting career, surveying can involve dirty, dull, or dangerous work. As well, traditional methods can be expensive and eat into profits. As many surveyors have discovered, UAVs can be used to reduce the dangers […]